Calculating omega squared from spss manova output

I'm trying to calculate omega squared from my output, googling led me to this formula w2=(SSeffect - (dfeffect) (MSerror) / MSerror + SStotal

From my output i gather that SSeffect is the sum of squares for my dependent variable, the dfeffect is the degrees of freedom for my dependent variable, MSerror is the Mean square error for the dependent variable and SStotal is the corrected total for my dependent variable.

So in my case it would go like this

w2 = (0.96 - (2) (2,488)) / 2,488 + 180,08 = -0.02
so really
w2 = 0

So really i am wondering if i'm am doing this correct, if so can i continue calculating for the other dependent variables i have?

Attachment with output from spss