can anyone explain to me how to find p value from a printout?

I'm studying for my final and just can't seem to find this in the text. If anyone could help out that would be great. here is a sample problem

one - Sample proportion test

sample size 1200
successes 675
proportion 0.56250

null hypothesis: P = 0.54
Alternative Hyp: P > 0.54

Difference 0.02250
Standard Error 0.01432
Test Statistic Z = 1.56

95% confidence Interval
(0.53443, 0.59057)

again, I'm trying to figure out exactly how to find the p-value. I didn't think it was to difficult, I'm just having a brain meltdown for some reason. Also, what does the p-value represent?

thanks all


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'p' is the true value of success proportion in the population.
You have to estimate 'p' by the sample proportion i.e. 0.5625. The sample proportion is an unbiased estimator of 'p'.