Can I make a comparison among groups which the control group's data was set to be 100%?


I want to make a comparison between the groups. However, in the control group, all of the data was set to be 100% and the data of the other groups is the proportion compared to the control group. So the data will look like, (just for example)

control group: 100%, 100%, 100%, 100%, 100%, 100%
treatment 1: 98%, 96%, 93%, 102%, 100%, 80%
treatment 2: 90%, 88%, 95%, 93%, 94%, 70%
treatment 3: 88%, 110%, 96%, 104%, 115%, 102%

Can I make a comparison for this kind of data? If possible, which kind of statistical test should be perform? (I think that parametric test is not suitable for this case but I'm not sure about non-parametric test) In addition, Is it possible to do multiple comparison between a pair of group (any post-hoc test that can be use)?

Thank you for every comment and sorry for my poor English.


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If it's a small dataset, I'd use Friedman test for a global comparison and Wilcoxon signed rank test for pairwse comparisons.

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