Can I perfrom Two Way Anova? Also, is it possible to predict chemical percentage?

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I have a data (attached the structure) and each data point is average of 30 observations. In this, I measure the chemical component effect to the 75 pound cement bag (0%-No chemical, 0.2%, 1.2% and 2.4%). I use four different methods to measure this effect (Breaking, Flexural, Deflection and Energy absorption) by separately for 7 days, 28 days and 90 days curing period.

If I assume this will comes under Two way Anova by considering for each method we will have Curing Period and chemical percentages. Totally, 4 two way Anova analysis. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Also, is it possible to compare 0% (base case) vs 0.2%, 1.2% and 2.4%)?

And another thing I want to do is predicting chemical percentage when I supply, curing days and method(s). Will it be possible? If so, guide me on what statistical techniques I can consider it.

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Compare the main effects of each factor. Most software will help you with that. Compute the confidence interval for each level of each factor.