Can you help a newbie to stats please?

Can you please advise how you would approach this analysis? I am playing around with a moderated mediation but am struggling to get my head around the method -would appreciate any links or video recommendations,

I am testing the relationship between three independent variables (three scale dimensions of depression - interval items) and motivation (score, interval variable). I then want to assess if the relationship is influenced by average amount of exercise (score, interval).

I have played around with a multiple regression and adding in an interaction variable as a moderator, and then doing three separate moderation test for each depression dimension (depression 1, depression 2 and depression 3). I have tried looking at online tutorials but every one I look at has an extra variable than I have in my data.

Thank you in advance


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So you have models such as
motivation = b0 + b1*depression1 + b2*exercise + b3*depression*excercise + error ?

Admittedly, I do not understand what the exact nature of your problem is.
Or where there is a moderated mediation.

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So then it wouldn't be a moderated mediation? I was also confused because it is missing a variable :)
In the end I did a multiple regression between depression and the outcome, and then three separate moderation analyses with each depression variable's relationship with the motivation outcome, moderated by amount of exercise