Can you help me with true and falls with explainations


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They are true/false, so you have to have some type of leaning, right? Answer them and we will see if the probability for your guesses lines up with pure chance. In doing this we may be able to address ii. and iv.
i) True (as it is determined by type of type of distribution)
ii) False
iii) True( I think)
iv) True
v) True
I think these are my answer but i am not sure


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Hi Globe,
Long time since I answer true false questions ... but I only care of the content itself.

i. correct, this because for symmetrical distribution the median should be equal to the average, and the pox should be located in the middle

Please add an explanation for each of your rest choices, why true or false?


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Hi Globe,

The way to learn statistics and any other subject follow:
1. learn the material.
2. Try to solve
3. Check your solution.

When you try solving yourself, even if your solution is wrong or you get into a dead-end, the fact that you tried to solve, makes you understand the solution much better.
If you really want to understand you can't skip any step ...

1. Read about boxplot : is closer,positively skewed (skewed right).

2. Standard normal distribution

3. Change the confidence level and see what happened. (also look at the formula)

4. cross-sectional design, try