Can you look retrospectively at how random paired measurements were?

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I wish to know if I can go back and look at my data and determine how random was the pairing of machines used for measurements.
Hopefully it becomes clearer by looking at the table below:

Looking at the table you can see that 4 measurements were made on machine 1 indoors (red) while at the same time 4 measurements were made on machine 6 outdoors (red). Similarly 2 measurements on were made on machine 5 indoors (grey) while at the same time 2 measurements were made on machine 2 outdoors (grey). There was no prior planning or thoughts about randomising the pairing. I continued making measurements until all measurements were collected on each machine in both environments. There were a total of 8 machines and on each machine I had to perform 10 measurements in both environments. Sometimes 2 machines were tested indoors while 2 machines were tested outdoors, again no prior planning.

Does anyone have any advice on what I could do to see how random the pairing up of machines was?

I thank you in advance.

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I'm not a high end researcher in terms of doing stats. but I sure am in my speciality role. That's why I was requesting help in stats. You went to all the trouble of writing that silly little comment to think you were be clever/ a big man. lmfao


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Hi Haka910. That was hardly necessary.
You pose a difficult problem. and the answer depends on who you have to convince. One low tech thing you could try is to generate 20 or so purely random tables like the one you showed above. Add the one you have. Shuffle them. Show them to a colleague and see if they can pick out the original. kat