Cases represent countries, not individual people. Need help.

SPSS Question: I have some experience using SPSS when the cases represent individual people but I am needing to setup my variables in a situation where each case is a country. Then I need to do gender analysis and compare different countries against each other.

For example, if I wanted to compare how many women and how many men are in various career fields within countries and then compare the countries against each other, then what would be the best way of setting up the variables?

Rather than gender being a nominal variable, in this case I am needing to use them in an interval measurement. For example, country x has 40 female pilots and 300 male pilots. country y has 10 female pilots and 500 male pilots. But imagine multiple career fields and many countries. I'm wanting to rank countries and compare women against men in percentages against the total population. I'm having issues using gender as an interval.

Here's what I've tried that has failed:
-Gender as a nominal does not work because the cases represent a country
- I have tried to create two cases per country: Germany 1 (women) + Germany (men) but then I have major issues trying to cross analyse data

I was hoping that someone here has worked with datasets where the cases were countries rather than people. Any advice would be helpful


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3 variables:
- country
- gender
- n

The data looks like this:

Germany male 300
Germany female 40
France male 200
France female 100

Then you use data -> weight and weight cases by n.
Then you crosstabulate country x gender

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