CCA output

I am having trouble finding/reporting some important output information from cca's run in the vegan package (cca, summary.cca) . Specifically I am wondering if this output provides the squared canonical correlation value or the species - environment correlation value for each canonical variate. These are commonly cited values in scientific papers which I am unable to identify in the output from R.

Is the squared canonical correlation value for each canonical variate the chi-sq value from anova(.cca, by="axis", perm.max=500)

Secondly I am wondering if it is possible to get correlation values and coefficient scores for each species and environmental variables individually.

I would greatly appreciate input from anyone with experience reporting results from CCA's

Thanks very much for you time


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Have you read:

"Multivariate Analysis of Ecological
Communities in R: vegan tutorial"

by Jari Oksanen?

This should have what you are looking for.
I have the exact same question as rbalo. I have read Oksanens paper and Ter Braak 1986. I get the first part of the summary with inertia and the importance of each component "explains". But when I read other reports presenting their CCA results there is additional information about what environmental variables that explains most of the variation on the first axes. This is what I am looking for, but Im new to multivariate statistics and I find the output confusing.
Could anyone please explain how I can find the information on what environmental variables that have the largest impact on the species composition?