Certification in Statistics

Hi there,

I have been working in the area of statistics for the last few years but have no formal education in the field. Everything I have learned has been through studying on my own. I now have a good intermediate knowledge of statistics.

I am looking at changing job and was wondering if there is any institution that provides certification in statistics (without first having to sit through a 2 year course, something similar to what SAS has for its programmers). I think this would be very beneficial for getting past the first stage of the selection process.

Thanks in advance for any advice!



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I was looking into this myself not so long ago.

I'm not sure where in Europe you are so you might have to hunt around, but many Universities here offer post graduate diplomas, or part time post graduate degrees, invoving maybe 4-6 papers over one and two years respectivley.

The university where I gain by degree also offers "add on" stats courses to previsously completed undergraduate courses which will, after 2 or 3 papers only allow you to include statistics as a major.

Other than that, try private instituations, correspondence or software specific short courses. R for example is always offering workshops - these are often run by government agencies, universities etc...and would be a good thing to have on your CV if you are not already proficient with R. PRIMER courses are great for multivariate foundations. Some polytechnics might offer short course also.

For example:

PRIMER - http://www.primer-e.com/