Chances of winning a match

I am new here and feel out of my depth. I had statistics many years ago and did well enough to know how much I do not know! That being said I think my question is simple.

I have a pool team that plays once a week. The rankings are handicapped 1-10. The win ratios are obviously calculated on wins to losses. However, that would be a weighted variable based on matches played. So if I put a 2 handicap up against a 3 who each have different point amounts to win and the 2 is 100% for two matches while the 3 is 75% for 8 matches, how do I calculate the odds that my 2 handicap will beat their 3?

If someone could point me in the right direction on what to research or help me with the solution I would be very appreciative.

The three variables involved are: Handicap 1-10, Matches played and matches won.

Edit: There is a fourth variable and that would be defensive shot rating. This is a percentage of defensive shots a player has during matches. This is important because even though two players may have the same handicap one may have a better grasp on strategic play.

Thank you!
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Lets say no. While the teams do play each other in house, when we go to championships or city's we play unknown teams.
In my mind the way that I see it, is that each factor is weighted. I did not think about it last night but there is a fourth variable and that is the defensive shot percentages. That is the amount of defensive shots a player has per match. This is relative because two equally ranked players may have different experience levels. The one who knows how to play defense has an advantage over one who is new and still learning strategy.