Chatbox broken?


Cookie Scientist
When I reloaded the TS home page, the chatbox kept refreshing itself and showing earlier and earlier pages from the chat history, going as far back as conversations from July 8th, and then the chatbox went blank altogether. The archives also now appear empty. Any ideas?


Probably A Mammal
Maybe somebody with chatbox access or hacked access got in, made a script that issues the command to delete a post (since we're all admins on it!), and let it run until everything was wiped out? Could be a virus with the vBB software being used that does the above behavior, but I don't see how it would propagate like some of the bugs, say, Wordpress can have (with its add-ons).


I'm so sick of Dason's meanness. I'm trying to write a paper. Can't defend myself because I don't have time and he's running his metal mouth nonstop. Meanwhile he thinks that we won't notice he's stolen all the awards and put two and two together and realize he stole the chatbox stuff too.

On top of that I can't hack anything. I'm attempting to get miktex up and running properly on my machine and alas can't:

When I get this paper done I'll deal with you properly.
It could be due to some conflicts with the experience system. I think the log was gone but its functions were intact. Now the chatbox seems to work fine.