Chi squared Test


I have the following data set:

Watersheds: 0 1 2 3
Autism: 10 4 1 0 15
Total: 213 146 25 24 408

The data represents search and rescue cases and how many watersheds away people are usually found. So an individual could be found within the same watershed (0) an adjacent watershed (1) and so on. The total column/row represents how many cases are found for instance 213 cases out of 408 are found in the same watershed and so on.

What I am trying to do is perform a chi squared test to see if the Autism distribution matches the overall (total) distribution. I know that chi-squared tests are generally overly sensitive, so if it doesn't register a difference, then the data almost certainly doesn't support making a distinction.

Could someone please help me??? I have access to SPSS or I can do it by hand i'm just not sure how I would go about performing the test.

Thanks in advance!