Choosing the best ANOVA


I have this data set and I have quite some trouble choosing and running the best ANOVA to deal with it.
There's a 2x2 design: testing if people who are blind have better hearing than people with normal vision, and whether this is influenced by the type of sound.
The data are thresholds when detecting either a high or low frequency sound. There are two groups (blind and normal vision) and both groups have been tested for both high and low frequency sounds.
I could use some help and a string of solid reasoning because I am a bit lost.



TS Contributor
You could consider a "mixed" analysis of variance, i.e. a repeated-measures analysis of variance
(with "sound type" as within-subjects factor) with an additional between-subjects factor (group).

Hopefully, sounds were presented in random order, otherwise effects of sound type would be
confounded with effects of order of presentation.

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