CIF with 95% confidence interval STATA 13

I wanted to ask for help on how to draw the CIF curve after a competing risk analysis in STATA 13, along with the 95% confidence interval on the same graph.

Thanks in advance

the best!


Use the third-party program -stcompet-, which you can download from SSC:
ssc install stcompet
Then you use -stcompet- to generate variables for the CIF and CIs, then graph them:
webuse hypoxia
stset dftime, failure(failtype==1)
stcompet ci=ci lb=lo ub=hi, compet1(2)
line ci _t if failtype==1, sort c(J) || line lb ub _t if failtype==1, sort c(J J) lstyle(p1 p1) lpattern(dash dash)