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I was out of my routine for the last two weeks. Hope I am back to my timetable. Updating two days record

197 + 3 = 200
Pt: 18+3=21



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I did something. It is better than nothing! And my foot hurts. I'm also taking into consideration I should run slower and focus on ideal form, which I never had (and may have contributed to my decline).


225.5 + 0.25 = 225.75

PT: 20.5 + 0.25 = 20.75

PS: Someone should probably do another summary of everyone's totals to make sure we're accurate and so we can have another benchmark reference point.


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My ankle and arches on both feet were sensitive for the last couple days after that run! I warmed up on the elliptical first this time and did another quarter mile. I could have did more, but I don't want to push it! I'm still trying to work on form, but it's hard when I can't view myself and the treadmill doesn't adapt to your natural stride. I need to spend some time on a weekend to work at it and maybe have someone video tape. I also probably need to get new shoes, but alas, I'm dirt poor these days!

238.5 + 0.25 = 238.75

PT: 21


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I showed a running form video earlier. This video is a great comparison video about how to strike the ground in proper running form. You can see in the LHS that the runner has to put in a lot more effort, takes on a lot more force, and really is going to have problems. I tend to run like that. It doesn't help I'm heavy and sluggish in general! The RHS shows that toe point and mid-foot striking pattern. Even just going through the motion in my room it feels much more natural and springy in my step with a hell of a lot less impact. The problem is my foot needs to be strong enough to handle that force, which I'm afraid to put full force over the balls of my feet (be cautious not to over reach you stride length and plant on the forefoot). I'll also have to try emphasizing a higher heel-to-butt kick. The reason for that is it helps you raise your knee more quickly and move into the that toe point. Lazy runners like me will instead keep a low foot and slide into that heel strike--very bad. I don't think I'm going to the gym tonight, but I'll work on this tomorrow for certain.


Note: the doctor does talk about it as a forefoot strike, but it isn't. It's clearly midfoot. I could show you videos of sprinters who put more of their body forward and really land on the balls of your feet. Completely different running pattern. You emphasize the toe point in this pattern, but it is clearly a midfoot strike.


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I must say, I ran pretty well. I think I was also making myself go a lot faster, but it felt a lot better. I could tell when I started slipping into my old habits and doing the heel-toe step. When I stayed toward the midfoot-forefoot, the movement was much "softer". The hard part was keeping myself from lifting too high. Making sure I did the butt-kick really stepped up my pace, though. To compensate for going too fast I sometimes would go more vertical. My knees could tell, so I'd just step up the pace. Normally I was running at 6.0 mph. I topped out today at 6.8 and could have gone faster. All in all, not bad. We'll see how my joints and feet feel in 2 days, though!

In finding those videos above, I ran into these other workout videos, mainly because there was a super hot chick on the cover. She actually showed off some pretty extreme workouts. I watched more. Then I decided to subscribe to their YouTube channel and keep an eye on their website. I put together a routine from a number of things I've seen from their videos. While BodyRock TV may seem like it's a chick body sculpting cardio class ... it isn't! I couldn't get passed one exercise! lol Seriously, I did burpees with a knee up during the down phase of the push up. I did 10 during the 50 second interval. That was it! The 2nd exercise was to be a plank position (static push up position) where you hop your knees from one side to the other, the higher you kick up in the air the harder. Turns out, it used my legs a lot more than I expected!! My legs were shot after the burpees, I couldn't do 3 reps of these hops lol I did a little bit of the push ups with a rotating kick-through (up phase), but I entirely skipped the squat and back lunge. I'll have to figure out a more balanced routine next time.

I highly recommend their website. These type of interval intensity training really help you lose weight if that's your goal, while at the same time you can focus on that muscular endurance. All around good stuff! For the guys, the videos are also hot! Watch any one of them and you'll know what I mean. You'll definitely want an interval timer, though. I found an app for my android phone. It works pretty well, because I just set up a split for my routine (50/10, though I may change it to a 30/30 for now!) and then as many repetitions as I'm going to do (8 = 2x 4 exercises; though I didn't do even 1 set). My app even has a "workout" setting where instead of setting up reps, you set up workouts which are multiple sets. I'm just sticking with the basics, though. I keep my routine on paper and during the recovery period I fill in how many reps I did.

242 + 0.5 = 242.5 miles

PT: 21.75 miles


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I think they broke up because there's a new BodyRock gf and Zuzana started her own thing this year (March?). She also went blonde--yuck! (on her)

Looks like she started it in January. I hunted down the first video. They changed a bit since then:

And I think she's married to Freddy Light. I assume it's his brother Sean Light that's dating the new BodyRock host (Lisa-Marie). My guess is that Freddy does production for both, but they wanted to do their own venture? Great products around, though. Forget training videos when these are free! Oh, and I love the new BodyRock yoga chick. Not only does she look amazing, she's a good yogi!


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Yeah. Zuzana's new program is even more like that. She does the entire session, that can be 20-30 minutes long! Then she dares you to beat her time. Some people want to have that "work out alongside their trainer" feel, whereas BodyRock is more instructional, walking through the examples in a brief 2-4 minute video. They also do some discussion, but not always. And like I said, they got an awesome yoga chick now haha

Whoa, and after that ONE workout I did yesterday, I feel strong today. I mean, I'm stiff and sore as hell, but lately with my foot and joint problems, I could feel it walking down the stairs. Now I walk down the stairs with complete muscular control. I miss that feeling! Definitely gonna have to do some yoga stretching today, though!
289.75 + 2.75 = 292.5

Pt: 68+ 2.75 = 70.75

Bryangoodrich i asked you about Barefoot running because of the midfoot strike. There was some harvard research done on it. Then of course the famous book Born to Run. Hope it helps your foot.
292.5 + 3.75 = 296.25
Pt: 70.75 + 3.75 = 74.5
Thanks halfnormal that was a really good video. There is another video on YouTube where they do a little blurb on their research, I think it was for the NYT. I think he published a paper as well.
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I think I've not only been a heel striker, but I have been running way too slowly (cadence). I might put this on my phone and run with it for a few minutes to help me work on that.