comparing and accounting for temperature difference between two locations

Hi, I'm a student currently undertaking my dissertation. The aim of my research is to try to gain an understanding of what informs people's temperature perceptions, with a specific focus on cultural theory, although other sociodemographic questions were also asked in the survey. One of the questions asks people to give an estimate of what they think the current temperature is. The plan was to later compare this to the actual temperature at the given time. However, I then discovered that the nearest weather station that recorded hourly temperature variations and that I could still access was some distance away (approx. 12 miles); I'm going to call this weather station 'A' for my purposes here.

I am able to get hourly temperature variations from a station much closer (weather station 'B'), but only over the last 24hrs. Thus I've started collecting current temperature recordings from both weather stations A and B. My plan is then to hopefully see what differences exist between the data, and either correct or account for them.

I have already run a preliminary paired t-test in SPSS, and there is a statistically significant difference between weather stations A and B. Is there a way to now adjust weather station A's recordings to take into consideration its variation from the actual temperatures at the location of my research (i.e. weather station B)?

What I ultimately want is a temperature recording that is closest to the 'actual' temperature at the location of my research as possible.

I hope that all made sense. Any help would be much appreciated, I've already been in contact with my tutor regarding this matter.
Thank You