Complex Cox regression in SPSS (multiple rows per subject)


I am wondering whether anyone can help me. I need to run a Cox regression but my data has multiple rows per subject and therefore I think it needs to be a complex cox regression.

I would like to see which covariates (scores on test1- test20) contribute to outcome event.
Event: 0= didn't occur, 1= did occur
Time to event: For those where it didn't occur I put the end of the study (120 months). If the event did occur then the time to event is 12, 24, or 48 months.

I have found information online to suggest that I need to change the format first (maybe similar to wide => long). But I am struggling to understand what exactly to do because my dataset seems different to the ones with an example (page 274 on -

I have attached the first few rows of my dataset. I would really appreciate help with how to format the data and prepare the analysis plan.

Each subject had multiple visits (but they all had a different number- minimum 2, maximum 6).

Thanks in advance!


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