Confidence intervals

I have the problem understanding the difference between the confidence intervals and credible interval (Bayes)? I have read the definitions but it doesn't make any difference in my mind.

In addition, does anybody knows what is the distribution of values within the confidence interval? Is it reasonable to expect that some values within the same CI have more chance to happen.

Thank you for your answers :)
Confidence interval is a frequentist concept and credible interval is a Bayesian with all their philosophical content. (And fiducial interval is a Fisherian idea.)

About the second question you might be interested in confidence distribution.
Thank you for you answer. I have just took a look on the confidence distribution and it seem that this could be the answer I was looking for. However I do not quite understand it.
What I wanted to understand if we have result some study wich investigated effect of some intervention on the incidence of stroke and we got results of study to be HR 0.9 (95% CI 0.85-1.05).
Is it the same chance that the intervention increases incidence of stroke for 5% and decreases incidence of stroke for 10%?
Thank you in advance :)