Confused which test would help me


I have a problem with defining what method I should use. I have two groups in my data file. One is control group, the other one was treated with drugs.

Besides that all items (they're nerve cell) have two variable: length and width.

I created a scatter plot placing length on the x and width on the y.

On the scatter plot I placed both groups (control and treated) with different markers.

What should I use to test whether they are (the two groups) significantly different in terms of y and x?

thanks for the help!


TS Contributor
If the single nerve cells are independent of each other,
you can compare the means of both groups groups
using t-tests for independent samples (one test for
length, one for width), or, if your groups are very
small, Mann-Whitney U-tests.

If you have to compare the groups with respect
to both width and length at the same time, things
will be a little more complicated.