Converting dates to fiscal month in SPSS 20

Hello Stats Community

I have a range of data for my file that looks like this:
(data goes all the way back to 2001)

What I need to do is create a new variable called Fiscal Month- for us this means that any dates that fall between the 22nd of one month and the 21st of the next month would fall into one label (meaning not ALL December dates should read DEC 13, just those from November 22nd through December 21st)

Using my examples above I would need the following to look like this:
1/23/2014 = FEB 14
1/21/2014 = JAN 14
12/29/2013 = JAN 14
12/5/2013= DEC 13

Does anyone out there know how to make this happen in SPSS?

Thank you so much in advance for your hep!!!