Correction for multiple one-sample t-test?


In a paper, I'm going to compare five different variables to a normative value, hence a one-sample t-test. Do I need to correct for multiple comparisons by dividing my set alpha value of .05? How should I report the adjusted p-value in my paper?


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You need to tell us more. What are these five groups and are they all getting compared to the same constant?
Ok, thank you for your answer. I am going to compare the five groups of tests (composite scales from a psychological test) to a standardized mean/constant. One individual have one score in each group, i.e. five in total. The constant is the same for all groups.


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Still not following. The multiple tests coming from comparing the internal section scores to constants or do you have 5 different groups of people completing the instrument and you are comparing each groups' composite score to a constant?

Also, if you find that you need to correct, I wouldn't report a corrected pvalue, I would report the effect estimate with corrected confidence intervals. pvalue is not as informative.
Sorry for the confusion. I'm going to perform five one-sample t-tests and to compare them to a constant (same for all). There are the same individuals in each t-test.