Correlating factor scores and calculating marker scale scores


I am doing a lexical study, identifying personality factor structure of the Malay language adjectives.

I have three datasets:
1) The Malay adjective checklist
2) The Big-Five Mini Marker scale
3) The 60 items HEXACO PI

My research objectives are to:
1) Examine the factor structure of Malay personality-related adjectives
2) Assess the specificity and universality of the Malay factor structure on two etic constructs the Big-Five and the Big-Six (HEXACO) - assessing construct comparability of the Malay structure on the etic Big-Five and Big-Six structure
3) Examine the effect of different personality variable selections on factor structure formation

Objective 2:
- I assayed 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 factor solutions on each datasets
- For each factor solutions I calculate the factor scores
- Analyses between the Malay adjective checklist and the Big-Five Mini Marker:
- I need technical help on how to correlate each factor solution from the Malay data
set with the marker scale score from the Big-Five Mini Marker.
- How do I calculate the Big-Five and Big-Six marker scale score?
- Can I perform such analysis in SPSS? Can you guide me on the steps of how to do
- If not, what other software should I use?

Objective 3:
- For the Malay data set, I grouped the adjectives according to different variable
selection templates:
1) Disposition category = 101 adjectives
2) Disposition and Temporary States = 110 adjectives
3) Non-Physical Characteristics (Disp + Temp States + Social Effects) = 256
4) Inclusive template = 260 adjectives from all categories
- I assayed 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 factor solutions in each individual variable selection
template (factor scores are calculated for each factor solutions)
- I want to check the construct comparability of each variable selection template with
the Big-Five and Big-Six factor structure.
- Should I use the same correlation procedures as the above?

-What is the purpose of internal cross validation procedures? From my reading, a
number of research examine the factor structure comparability using the procedure.
- The nature of my data and research objective, should I use the internal cross
validation procedure?
- How do I do the internal cross validation in SPSS?

I thank you for your time and help.

Regards, Jay.