Hello I am new to R

I want to spot if there is a correlation between the number of Aces made by a tennis player during the matches and the number of matches won

I have two variable: the Aces and the matches won

The I have the months: Genuary , february, April

How do I need to categorize these (the months)? as variables? As factors? Sorry I am new

I would like a simple example to help me because the GUI is not working good, I have to use the terminal. I have ubuntu so I would write the code on the terminal, but everytime time I write code it shows up anything on the terminal


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You have 2 variables, aces, matches won.
Now the number need to be per something (per day, per game, per week)
If you have data per day, now the month become irrelevant.
Should be difficult in R, but you can also do it in excel


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If you just look at Aces and Games won, you almost get into an ecologic paradox issue. Meaning you are correlating two macro numbers, but not linking them directly. So player A had 10 aces in a game they lost and 0 in a game they won, but on average given all the games you find a spurious pattern. You need to probably run a multilevel model and cluster Aces within games. What do you want to use months for, to see if they were trending?