COVID19 Infographics


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Bubbles represent the # of cases applied to a Lat/Long, so overlap would be two locations with high cases next to each other. To prevent this loss of info, they could add a color density feature or make bubbles partially transparent. I downloaded the info for cases in my state and they place them all at the same lat/long. This is likely for simplicity, anonymity, or lack of time to parcel everything out, or threshold to break cases out to pseudo-exact location.


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I was being sarcastic hlsmith. It will be bad when they overlap. At some point the whole country will be a red dot.
Hello all,

I created this thread to compile interesting COVID19 graphics, charts, depictions, even comics. Please keep it tasteful and educational.

Below is the mother of all graphics and the GitHub data source: heroes

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Thank you. Covid 19 crept into our lives. I had to stay indoors for 2 months, it was scary!