Creating a composite score using 3 factors (positive, negative, neutral)

I'm working on a social listening project where I need to gather social media data on a particular brand/topic, categorise the data into the following 3 sentiments (positive, negative, neutral) and present them in a single composite score that takes into account volume (I've attached a google sheet link with some data) Simply put, I want to generate a summary score for each week for tracking purposes. For example; A composite score that sits on 50 (neutral) as data is fed over the week of positive and negative sentiments that score moves up or down accordingly and is noted at the end of each week, where 43 represents a bad week, and a 67 representing a good week, making the left or right spectrum extremely rare and unlikely.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

JMP is also available to me if that program is seems more appropriate.

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