Data problem

I need a little help about a guidance how to represent "unlimited" as a value in regression variable.

For example, some phone plans includes finite amount of free minutes, but some include unlimited minutes. Therefore, I have a variable "free_minutes" but I don't know how to properly represent this "unlimited" value.

Thanks in advance.

Mean Joe

TS Contributor
What are you going to do, what other variables do you have?

You're going to use free_minutes as an explanatory variable? I assume you have another variable like actual_minutes?

There's at least a couple things you could do:
1) Make the free_minutes variable a categorical variable, with the unlimited minutes as the highest category. Probably would end up grouping 5 free minutes and 10 free minutes into one category 5-10 free minutes.
2) Make another variable that is an indicator for the plan with unlimited minutes, let's call that variable unlimited_minutes. But then you still have the question of what to put for free_minutes.
I am trying to estimate price of phone plan based on its characteristics (free minutes, free data, call price, etc.). What do you mean by actual_minutes?