Describing sample

for my coursework it says i have to "Describe entire sample in terms of (1) Nationality, (2) Living Conditions, (3) Ethnicity, (3) Urban Location, (4) Any Quals and (5) Working."

How do i describe the sample when it comes to those areas? do i say " X number of people are from Y country" or what is there a test i can do on spss to help ? thanks


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Report count along with percentage of the whole for each category. If there are a bunch of small categories, you can debate whether you want to pool them together.


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@JackReacher29 if the question is to describe you don't need or want any statistical tests. As you alluded to, there is a difference between description and inference, the latter of which may rely on some kind of testing or estimation that has a statistical measure of reliability associated with it such as a confidence level or alpha level.

Because they say "describe the sample" you goal is definitely not oriented to the latter part of my post.

The prior suggestions will get you where you need to go.