Detect relevant position of 2 sequences with mutation frequencies


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Hello all,

I am starting in bioinformatics and bio-statistics. For a project I have to compare 2 protein sequences by different frequencies of mutations. In fact I have 2 sequences, each sequence corresponding to a condition at a given time (t5 condition 1 and t5 condition 2). I have available the frequencies of mutations at each position for each of the sequences relative to a reference sequence (t0).

seq1 = 0.05, 0.07, 0, 0.01, 0.5,…
its 2 = 0.03, 0.12, 0.2, 0.06, 0,…

Could you tell me the most appropriate test (s) to answer the following questions:
- are the 2 sequences (seq1 and seq2) similar?
- which positions are the most significant differently? I have to determine the positions where the difference between the 2 conditions is the most relevant.

I already have an idea on which tests to use but would like some additional advice to see if I was in the right direction.

Thank you and have a good day everyone