Different data of measurement

If my questionnaire contains nominal data (yes/no) and interval data(Likert scale), how can I measure the reliability? Standardised data first? Thanks.
Generally, you'd be putting data together into scales - usually items do not have mixed response types. You wouldn't try to get an overall Cronbach's alpha for your whole questionnaire, but for the subscales within.
Some portion of the induction procedure, institutionalization is the procedure by which comparative information got in different configurations is changed to a typical arrangement that improves the examination procedure. For instance, road names normally contain bearings, similar to North or West. The institutionalization schedules designs these qualities to "N" or "W" with a specific end goal to accelerate the correlation procedure. The institutionalized information does not overwrite the center part information in the database; in this manner, when you see a record it demonstrates the first arrangement (for instance, North instead of "N")