Do you think this kind of Native Questionnaire Builder is useful?

Hello everyone!
Let me introduce myself first, i am a programmer and also a statiscian. I have been worked on many surveys because i worked at statistics company. Throughout may career i saw something that bugs me, that is the inefficiency of surveys that conducted in here. The business process was we designed a questionnaire, we printed it, then we distributed it to the branch company, then after did the survey, then we collected it, we entried it on computers, then we analayzed it. There are maybe several reasons why not yet we use digital questionnaire although many have offer solutions for this. First is because usually the questionnaire used in here is complex, and the current solutions usually only support for short, simple, quick, internet based survey, but in here we often work on remote area where there is no internet. So i tried to come up with a solution, i wrote a program that able to generate native applications in android using drag and drop only. This is the beginning overview of may software

As you can see at the first picture, the middle box is the representation of mobile screen, the left panel is for choosing the controls and inputs for questionnaire, the right panel is the properties of the inputs or controls. In here i tried to copy "American Community Survey"

Here at the second picture you can see the building block of the questionnaire, the mechanism is similar with excel, it is a grid system that can be manipulated whether the length or the width, the number of rows or columns, and also we can merge the cells

At the third picture you can see the process of drag n drop controls or input to the design box, in here we choose a checkbox.

Here at the last picture is when the checkbox is about to dropped at the cells.

After the questionnaire design is finish, we can push the run button then the android APK will be generated and we can install it on android devices. On the mobile side, the application could store many rows of record which each column of record is represented by each input we put at our the questionnaire. So the end result can be generated to excel file, csv, spss or any other files. So in this case the genereted data is like the below image

So, what do you think about this software? Do you think this is useful? Will you use it for survey? Do you have advice for me regarding this software? :)