does proc SQL use SQL server syntax, or oracle syntax?


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It is different than TSQL which the MS server uses. I doubt it uses Oracle syntax either, although I have not worked with that. To the best of my knowledge they created their own SQL. You might look at "The Essential PROC SQL Handbook for SAS Users" although that book is several years old now.

If you want to do SQL code in SAS you have to learn PROC SQL. It is not going to run on other SQL I am pretty sure.

This might help.


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PROC SQL is not going to work identically on Oracle or SQL server SQL. It's going to have a lot of similarities, and it's very feasible to make ANSI SQL code. SAS has its own implementation of SQL.

You might also want to look into PROC FEDSQL, which is fully 1999 ANSI compliant.
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