Does this test right?


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I have this question:
A study was conducted to determine whethers women who do nothave health insurance coverage are less likely to be screened for breast cancer, and whether their disease is more advanced at time of diagnosis.the medical records for a sample of women who were privatelu insured and for a sample who were uminsured were examined.The stage of breast cancer at diagnosis was assigned a number between 1 and 5, where 1 denotes the least advancrd disease and 5 the most advanced.

The data set consists of a large number of repeated observations;rather than display them all, we summarize the outcomes.

288 stage1 and uninsured
338 stage2 and uninsured
226 stage3 and uninsured
41 stage4 and uninsured
76 stage5 and uninsured
13 stage1 and insured
18 stage2 and insured
34 stage3 and insured
6 stage4 and insured
11 stage5 and insured

I used to solve it using nonparametric methods(wilcoxon signed rank test)
Does it right?
Nope. The numbers above are frequencies (# of women). The wilcoxon signed rank test requires some form of measurement that will then be ranked.

You need to create a contingency table.