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I hope I do not offend anyone by this post..
I wanted to ask how can I contribute (as some sites ask,"donate) to keep this forum meet its expenses..Talkstat is great help for me and I am very keen to clear my concepts and I always learn a lot and new things here, never want this forum to shut down..
I also click on the Google ads :p..I know its not much but I only know this is how I can help right now.
Please do not be offended.
I don't think anybody would be offended. :D Donations are very welcome. Please check PM for contact details. Much appreciated.


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Hi quark thanks..there was no reply button to the PM, so I have to do it in here..Where I live there are no Paypal services..But I will try to get a friend to do it on my behalf. The amount might be small but please appreciate the gesture and I will be making donations as frequently as I can.


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Nope. Asking quark. Also, it's time for me to go to bed. Just finished up writing the report for my advanced methods class that took about 20 times longer than the analysis itself.