Don't know what statistical test to run for my data

I'm currently conducting a research study in which I am trying to find if there is a correlation between a person's school type and their response to a survey. My independent var is school type so nominal and my dependent is in the form of Likert scale data so it is interval.


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What is your sample size, how many school types are there, and how many options are in the Likert scale and what do the responses look like (near the top, bottom, or middle of response options)?


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5 point likert scale, data is normally distributed
So I guess "Likert scale" refers to a multi-item instrument,
and you use it sum score as dependent variable.

Normality of the dependent variable is irrelevant
for any statistical analysis (except for the significance
test of the Pearson correlation).

You could consider a oneway analysis of variance.

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