drafting a FAQ


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Hi everyone,

I see many questions being repeated on the forum, for instance the 'negative AIC' question pops-up every now and then.

I have therefore decided to start compiling a list of FAQs. Soon I will compile one and over the next month or so I will be looking around for common questions.

I will then compile a list of common questions, and link them back to the best answer I can find that was previously given on the forum.

If you guys also think this is a good idea and know of any questions that really need to be put in the FAQ, please post them below - including your suggestion for best answer (this is not a contest - by the way - so you can nominate your own answer - I'm only looking for answers that help the average visitor understand the FAQ).

The list of FAQs will most likely be a sticky in one of the forums (unless quark has another idea).



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Great idea The Ecologist!!

Probably the three I see most often would be:

1) rm ANOVA questions

2) maybe a basic decision tree for test choice - related questions and:

3) Contingency table related q's especially for small sample sizes.



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The ones that I see most often are probably just simple probability problems using the normal distribution.


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I'm progressing on the FAQ. One of the most frequent questions that gets posted to this site, if not the most frequent, is the 'which test to use' question.

Now how would you regulars go about addressing that in a FAQ?
I think we should link towards a site like this.
Then stating that If people are still unsure they can post with more specific questions after going through the link. Any other suggestions? or similar links for different fields?