Duplicate cases into a new variable


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I'm trying to create a new variable that takes cases from another variable. It has to do so that the first case of the old variable is placed in cases 1-26 of the newvariable. The value of case number 2 of the old variable placed in cases 27-53 of the newvariable. I tried to give a simple example below. How can I create this new variable? (total 240 cases)

var1 newvar

1 1

2 1

3 1

4 2



thanks in advance.
Re: Duplicate cases into a new varaible

I find this hard to understand, perhaps RECODE into new variable is what you are looking for. Other possibilities are CASESTOVARS and VARSTOCASES and possibly AGGREGATE, all of which are syntax commands that can be found in the command syntax reference manual available via help. RECODE is also available via the menu facilities.