Economist looking to become a statistician

I'm currently in an economics PhD program, and recently decided that I don't want to be an academic, and would rather be a statistician in the public sector.

I think I'm going to leave my program with a masters in economics and try to find a job as a statistician. I've taken a lot of stat and math courses.

Will I have any chance of becoming a statistician with my background?


Dark Knight
Yup... I guess you have worked something on Econometrics or quantitative economics..
Now the Analytics division in most of the companies are in the initial stage of the development. So there are lot of opportunities..

Depending on your interest you can concentrate on specific part like Risk, Actuarial, Marketing or business research ..
I should mention that I have had a year of graduate econometrics, a year of mathematical analysis, 12 credits of undergraduate econometrics/statistics/probability, and 24 credits of undergraduate math. Thanks for your input.