election question

ive done most of the homework from this weeks h/w from school
but im having problems with this question; ive got a quizz next monday and i just need that extra revision.

A political pollster is conducting an analysis of sample results in order to make predicitons on election night. Assuming a two-candidate elction, if a specific election, if a specific candidate receives atleast 55% of the vote in the sample, then that candidate will be forecast as the winner of the election. If a random sample of 100 voter is selected, what is the probability that a candidate will be forecast as the winner when

b) the true proportion of his/her vote is 0.49 and he/she will actually lose the elelction?

so far ive got this:
np=100(.49) = 49
as both > than 10; we can use normal approx.

mean=sqrt(0.55*(1-.55)/100) = 0.0497

im stuck after that, i dont know if im going anywhere with this at all ><
any advice?