Errors Using Selected Cases Filter for ANOVA + Post Hoc

Hello guys,

I'm a freshman here, but i need a help.
I need to run a ANOVA + Post Hoc test using filters by "select cases" tool but it's not working

I already used the 6 generated filters trying an ANOVA as fixed factors and with one dependent variabble "Price", but the errors are:

-the post hoc dosen't ran saying there are few than two groups

- the complementar filter (filter 1 = China Low filter 2 = China High) are showing non complementar means, because filter 1 shows Not Selected Mean = 4,5 and the filter 2 Selected Mean shows a different value o mena. They should be the same, right?

Summarizing, what I need to do to run the ANOVA and Post-Hoc with those 6 filters and with one dependent variabel at the same time?