Escape Characters?

Hi all,

I'll attempt to explain what I'm running into though unfortunately I don't have a reproducible example.

I'm attempting to load a custom font into R (done) to build a plot using ggplot (done). I'm doing this on Windows 10 if that matters. The font is an emoji-based font.

p = ggplot(NULL, aes(x = 1, y = 1)) + ylim(0.8, 1.2) +
theme_linedraw() +
annotate("text", 1, 1.1, family = "Font Awesome 5 Free Solid", size = 25, label = "\UF599", color="blue")
#cause windows

Using annotate, I specify the font I imported using the family parameter and the actual emoji using the label parameter. This produces exactly what I want (done). I believe what I have in the label parameter corresponds to unicode (?)

The issue:

The font I've imported has a wide variety of values and I've actually made a small look-up table I hope to use in a function so that I may call them easily.

] img1.png

I've imported this into R using:

look <- read.csv("assets/falookup.csv" , stringsAsFactors=FALSE)
The issue is, when I try to import a csv like such, it automatically adds an additional \. I believe this is due to escape characters in R. Here's a screen shot.
Is there a way around this? The function I'm planning on writing will return the unicode value, which I hope to pass directly into ggplot. Right now, that extra slash is causing all the hassle. I don't know much about reg-ex (?) or related issues - haven't really worked with text data. Am googling but not turning up anything immediately useful.

Any help is appreciated. If more clarification is needed, am happy to describe the issue more in depth.