Evaluating ad claims

So today, about every other page on TalkStats is displaying an ad for singlesnet.com, with a picture of an improbably busty blonde and the tag line "Hey a new hot girl joins every minute."

As statisticians, we should be able to analyze this claim. Every minute? Really? What's the variance on that? Is it regular -- one per minute plus or minus, say, five seconds each time -- or does it come in fits and starts, with a bunch of hot girls joining on the hour and then no one else joining for some time? And "hot" is problematic. How do we quantify that, and are the new by-the-minute arrivals all about equally likely to meet the "hot" threshold? What about guys, for those so inclined? My null hypothesis would be that if a new hot girl joins (approximately) every minute, a new hot guy does too, but it could be that hotness and/or joining frequency are sex-linked. Can we calculate the joint distribution, and make meaningful predictions on that basis?

Points to ponder ...