Event Tree Probability Question

Event Tree Probability Question.

One has tried looking this one up and Googling it, One is also dispraxic so while math can be tricky if one can get the concept and explanation behind something generally work at it until one understands. However, it has to be repeatedly gone over otherwise forget.

The current query is;

Unit determination Chart - on D6 rolls
D6 1st roll----------D6 2nd roll---------------D6 3rd roll--------- Unit Types
-------------------------------------------------------------1------------------Unit type A
--------------------------------1-3------------------------2-------------------Unit type B
1-2-------------------------------------------------------3-6-----------------Unit type C
-------------------------------4-6 ---------------------------------------------Unit type D

3-4 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unit type X

5-6----------------------------1-3 ------------------------------------------ Unit type E
--------------------------------4-5-----------------------1-3-----------------Unit type F
----------------------------------------------------------- 4-6-----------------Unit type G
---------------------------------6----------------------------------------------Unit type H

Ok, now if one understands this it's an 'Event Tree probability' And what one is trying to work out is how to work out the probability of each unit type and how one would go about doing this in future.

One can work out basic probability, but this is somewhat more complex and not sure how to understand where to start.

Does anyone have a formula or answer for the percentage of each unit type and how to work it out for future reference and increased complexity.

With thanks

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