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Hello, I have one question regarding basic statistics homework. It goes like this:
Five businesses and the app X have a contract in place for X users to see their adverts. The X app runs a mechanism that asks these businesses if they are currently running ads for X users. An advertisement, which must then be displayed to the user, may or may not be the query response. The same guidelines apply if there isn't an advertisement and the app queries other businesses. No advertisement is displayed if no business can offer one to the user. When a business replies that an advertisement is available, the user's device downloads the advertisement, which is immediately displayed to them. The query procedure is stopped, and the company pays some amount of money for the shown ad.

So far, it has been observed that business C1 serves advertisements to 10% of users, while firms C2-C5 serve ads to 19%, 40%, 45%, and 50% of users, respectively. Advertisements from company C1 also generate 10 USD in revenue, compared to 5, 4, 3, and 5 USD from ads from companies C2-C5.

What would be the best order for querying the five companies? What would be the expected revenue for an MMM user who saw an advertisement with such an order?


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I am not sure whether I understand the description correctly.
As it seems, the average query to C1 generates a revenue of
0.19*10 USD. For the other firms one can do calculations
accordingly. So maybe the order should follow the expected
revenue per query?

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