Exponential Distribution - Future Value Prediction or Estimation of Random Variable

Hi all,

I am working on exponential distribution having single mean. I want to predict/estimate the future value based on previous samples. Is there any relation among random variables in exponential distribution, on the basis of which, I can predict/estimate future value?

For example: I have generated 15 exponential distributed number by setting the mean of 2.5. These generated numbers are:

5.18643, 2.63259, 0.575315, 2.71258, 0.294553, 0.798367, 4.96177, 2.0257, 1.89975, 2.47148, 0.512909, 3.0661, 5.3014, 2.94898, 0.338367

Can anyone help me that how can I predict/estimate future value based on past samples.

Thank you,