Exporting the dataset from Qualtrics to SPSS

Hello everyone :)
My study includes 4 vignettes so, every participant was presented with one scenario out of 4. However, when I exported the dataset to SPSS, I found out that there is no column dedicated to the vignettes. So, I don't know which participant was presented with which vignette, and how often each vignette was presented. Please help! Is there any other way to fix that rather than go through every participant who responded and report manually with which vignette they were presented?
I attached a screenshot of my survey flow from Qualtrics, maybe it will help someone more knowledgeable than I in this field, to understand the issue.

study flow.jpg

Under "More options" when you export data, ticking "Export viewing order data for randomised surveys" should give you the name of the block they saw, even if they only saw one. I also found it difficult to find out to get this the first time I needed time, and find it is a bit of a misleading label for the option (since we don't always want to see the order), and at best, a well-kept secret.
1661516590662.png 1661516599288.png
Ah, yes, I forgot it would come out looking like this!
Yes, I would do a recode first, making all 1 for each vignette something meaningful to you (that could be 1 to 4, respectively, if that works for you, or MaFe, MaMa, FeFe, FeMa - or similar - if you prefer something where you don't need to go back and check what condition was which vignette number). And then I would create a new variable that concatenates all the values in the first four columns (since each participant only has one value: concatenating in SPSS is a bit fiddly in my experience, so if you have your vignettes recoded as 1, 2, 3 or 4, you could simply sum the four columns (although it may be that having NA cells breaks that variable computation). The other option may be a recode into new variable, using if, which most likely would let you do both above steps in a single one.