Extra classes for grad school?

Hello all,

Currently I am a Junior with a Major in Mathematics and Minor in Biology. I am on track to graduate in Dec 2011 and planning on continuing on to graduate school the following Fall. Hoping to get into a PhD program for Statistics and/or Biostatistics.

My question relates to that extra semester that I will have available to me.

The classes that I have taken and are currently taking include:
Calculus I,II, and III,
Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra (one class),
Mathematical Reasoning,
Mathematical Statistics I, and
Advanced Calculus I

I plan on taking:
Mathematical Statistics II,
Mathematical Modeling, and
Numerical Analysis.

This list was provided to me from my advisor that I trust, but I wanted further opinions of if this track would be sufficient to gain entrance into a prominent university's graduate school. I have had some other classmates mention that I should also take some of the following classes:
Advanced Calculus II,
Introduction to Topology, and
Abstract Algebra.

My question is: Should I take the extra classes in addition to the original plan? Or should I mix them, say take Adv Calc II as opposed to Modeling? Or use the spring 2012 semester to take all of these?

As far as grades go I have a 4.0 major GPA with a 3.6 cumulative that should continue to increase. Also if I choose to stay the extra semester it will be at no cost to me as my scholarship money covers all of my costs. If I do decide to graduate I will be looking for internships or other research opportunities.

I thank you in advance for taking the time to read this as well any advice you have for me. I hope I have provided enough information to get a good assessment, but will be happy to give more information and explain myself further upon request.

Thank you!



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I'd definitely recommend you take the classes you currently have listed as "plan on taking" but what does "mathematical modelling" cover at your school? Out the additional 3: advanced calc 2 can be very useful if you go for a Ph.D in stats and topology has it's uses as well. Abstract Algebra (although I love it) isn't involved very much with stat theory (other than how it relates to matrices) so even though it's an interesting subject I wouldn't go out of your way to take it.
Thanks for the reply! That was mostly what I was thinking. At the moment I only have 5 more classes to take, so I can add one or two and still be able to graduate early. The catalogue entry for Mathematical Modeling is as follows:

"A study of mathematical models used in the social, life, and management sciences and their role in explaining and predicting real world phenomena. The emphasis is on developing skills of model building. Topics include differential equations, perturbation theory, and non-diensional analysis."

Looking through the catalogue there are also these classes that may be of interest (note that I am not sure of the actual use of these for a stats PhD, just want to be as prepared as possible):

Mathematical Modeling II (listed as a continuation of the above.)
Partial Differential Equations
Vector Calculus
Linear Algebra (Upper level course as opposed to the one I have already taken.)