[FactorialANOVA] Which N to use when converting standard error to standard deviation?

When converting standard error to standard deviation (using the formula SD = SE x SRT of N), I am having trouble with is which N to use - the N of the experimental group (for example), or the number of participants in the overall study.

An ANOVA was conducted and I don't have the data but I do have the standard errors and Ns of each group.
Experimental group N = 12
Control group N = 11

I would like to say:
The main effect of Group was significant, F(X, X)=X, p<0.001 (ƞp²=X), with higher scores reported for the exerimental (M=X, SE = 3.01, SD = ???) compared with the control (M=X, SE = 3.18 SD = ???) group.
I would then like to report on another main effect (the main effect of stage), and convert those SEs into SDs.

Would I be correct in using the experimental group's N (12) when converting the first SD mentioned from the SE, the control group's N (11) when making the second conversion, and the N of participants overall (23) when reporting SDs for the main effect of stage?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much :)
Re: [FactorialANOVA] Which N to use when converting standard error to standard deviat

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I'd really love some help with this issue if anyone is able to?