Thank you for the site. It's great. It helped me.

I wanted to contribute a little at least by suggesting you to have a favicon for your. I'm sure you know what a favicon is.

It helps a lot for bookmarking the site. It makes it easy to differenciate the sites in the bookmark menus and makes it easier to remember.

hope it helps...

thanx in advance...
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This is actually a pretty good idea, we now only have the standard bulletin board icon while we could have a cool stats related one (a normal disribution?)...


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Great idea. Another piece of flair for the site. Some options? I think it's good to reflect the color and the name of the site as well. The most complex one looks ok when converted to a favicon, but it's a little hard to make out the letters. Change background color, add outline, etc.? Just some ideas...


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Hey, those favicons took me five hours, six cups or coffee, five custom R-scripts (no ggplot shortcuts, by the way), three massages, and a gnome to make. You betta' like 'em.
These are great! Thanks. I uploaded the third one to the site. This will be the favicon for new visitors immediately, and returning visitors will need to clear browser cache for the new icon to show up. :tup:


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I like it. The only quibble I have is that it would probably be better to have the background be transparent instead of white.


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A valid quibble, Dason. Here's the orig file. Ironically, TS won't allow me to upload to .ico file, so you'll have to use that previous link to convert to an .ico format. But you already knew that...
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