Favorite Comics/Comics You Are Reading

DV Man

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So we have a movie thread and a video game thread, and I thought why not a comic book thread? Surely, some of you read graphic novels from time to time. I am currently restarting Sandman. I had read the first three or four volumes last year before getting too busy with school, but am now aiming to finish all 12 (?) volumes. So what are your favorite comics? In no particular order, mine are:

Y: The Last Man (well this one is my favorite)
Batman (2011) (the last two volumes, 8 and 9, kind of sucked but the first seven were great, with 1, 2, and 7 being legendary IMO)
Spider-Man: The Clone Saga
From Hell
Sandman (what I've read of it)
Batman: Year One
The Walking Dead (I don't watch the show but the first compendium was pretty good)